the problem

The problem is carbs and sugars have become inextricably ingrained in our diets and our culture. It is too hard to give up the food that we love — the food that we have built our habits and routines around until now.
  • 1 in 3 americans are prediabetic
  • annual cost prediabetes $44 billion
  • 90 million americans are obese
  • annual cost obesity $147 billion​

the solution


  • 5g Net Carbs / 30g product, lowest in the market.
  • Contains a diverse spectrum of soluble fibers and prebiotics and 6g protein.
  • Produces a minimal rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals.
  • It is also the easiest way to achieve recommended fiber intake without additional carbohydrates from flour based baked goods.
  • It is the foundation for controlling diabetes, curbing your appetite and helping weight loss.

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