Dr. Gerald Davies

After working for 32 years in main stream medicine, treating patients in the intensive care unit with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes, and cancer, I saw first hand how the insulin resistance epidemic would eventually bankrupt our health care systems.
I personally adopted a low carb, high fiber focused diet and lost an amazing 30 pounds of fat. I quickly realized how simple changes to our staple foods could have an unbelievable effect on our weight and health. It became my ambition to work on prevention in a meaningful and practical way.
So I began researching prevention medicine, becoming fascinated with the new research in epidemiology and the molecular mechanisms of aging and age-related diseases, which are now our primary public health problems.
For the past 10 years, I’ve been researching and testing formulas that replace starch and sugar with super foods and fibers. Anyone can now produce low carb, high fiber versions of the baked and processed foods that we all love right at home in your own kitchen. I believe FiberFlour is the foundation for turning comfort foods into healthy foods.

What we believe


Like wearing a helmet, we believe that investing in preventative medicine and nutrition is easier, more impactful, and more effective than treatment after-the-fact.


Our health is inherently rooted in science, and our food choices should be too. We’re dedicated to educating consumers on the science behind what they eat.


The primary function of food is to provide our bodies with energy and sustenance. We believe that food, above all should serve this purpose.


But, why can’t it be delicious at the same time? We’re committed to making food both functional and enjoyable.
"anyone can restore their health by replacing starches and sugars with fibers and super foods."​
Dr. Gerald Davies
Medical Doctor