Flatbread / Tortillas

Flatbread / Tortillas


Yeast (optional)
Olive Oil


directions for quick food processor method

1. Put FiberFlour and salt into a food processor.

2. Add water and turn on at low speed. Trickle in some olive oil.

3. The dough will come together into a ball quickly ~20-30 seconds.

4. Roll into dough balls of about 30g on a board dusted with flour.

5. Flatten the balls using your hand and then a rolling pin making sure to keep the area sufficiently dusted with flour to prevent sticking.

6. Cook on a very hot plate for approximately 60 seconds each side.

Tips: Yeast is optional but would increase the volume and lightness if the dough is left to proof for 40 minutes.

Using a mixing bowl and kneading by hand works just as well.

Keeping your work area dusted with flour prevents the moist dough from sticking to your work surfaces, I use regular whole wheat for dusting flour, much less expensive!

Nutritional Content per 100g

Fat 5g (1.6 omega 3), Net carb 8g,  Fiber 24g,  Protein 14g

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